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Why Galeon ?

In accomplishing tasks, we are always trying to improve resource efficiency, which ultimately leads to improved performance. The efficiency of our activities is that in our work we strive to reduce costs, thereby achieving maximum results. After all, high effectiveness comes when the entire team, guided by the company's mission, acts cohesively and purposefully.

why galeon

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Do you transport oversized cargo?

Yes, we are engaged in the transportation of oversized, heavy cargo. Our fleet has specialized vehicles ready for the carriage of goods weighing up to 90 tons.

Does your company transport cargo requiring temperature control?

When transporting cargo in refrigerated containers, our company uses its own Jen Set units to maintain the set temperature throughout the entire route.

What technique does your company operate?

The company's vehicle fleet includes 140 semi-trailer truck and 180 semi-trailers.20 trucks 2019 year, 88 trucks under 5 years old, 32 trucks under 8 years old.Special equipment: three-axle semi-trailer truck - 26 units, four-axle truck - 1, short semi-trailers for a 20-foot container - 8, trailers with the ability to put a 20-foot container under the edge 18, tilt semi-trailers 20, four-axle trawls 4, six-axle trawls 2.

Is the cargo insured during transportation by your road transport?

The liability of the Galeon group of companies is insured by PZU Ukraine with a limit of USD 500,000 for each insured event. At the request of the cargo owner, our company provides additional cargo insurance.

How many trucks do you have in your fleet?

Our own fleet includes 140 modern semi-trailer truck Scania and DAF
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International cargo transportation from other countries to Ukraine. We guarantee the safety of cargo.